Innovative Design

Since 1973 our team of engineers at Entech have been performing design duties for all ends of the A/E/C/ spectrum. From multi-floor hospitals to the smallest retail tenant we provide the experience and knowledge needed in the modern world.

Creative Solutions

The philosophy of Entech Engineering is to provide complete mechanical and electrical engineering services with personnel having technical ability and practical experience in the field.

Thoughtful Conservation

The firm, in keeping with the urgent need to conserve energy, strives constantly to design systems that operate at the greatest possible efficiency for the smallest possible cost.

Licensed in 48 States Plus District of Columbia and Puerto Rico

Alabama – Arizona – Arkansas – California
Colorado – Connecticut – Delaware – Florida
Georgia – Hawaii – Idaho – Illinois – Indiana
Iowa – Kansas – Kentucky – Louisiana – Maine
Maryland – Massachusetts – Michigan
Minnesota – Mississippi – Missouri – Montana
Nebraska – Nevada – New Hampshire
New Jersey – New Mexico – New York
North Carolina – North Dakota – Ohio – Oklahoma
Pennsylvania – Rhode Island – South Carolina
Tennessee – Texas – Utah – Vermont – Virginia
Washington – West Virginia – Wisconsin
Wyoming – District of Columbia – Puerto Rico

Not licensed: Alaska Oregon South Dakota